Monday, August 26, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 2nd June 2013

After a good trip to Jozini, I got back to Durban on Friday at 01h00 and decided to sleep on Fat Girl for my early launch.
The NE was already blowing when we left at 06h00 and it got worse, the current was screaming and so we fished light braid to get down to the bottom.
What can I say, the slinger were on the bite and virtually every drop produced 3 fish and soon we had plenty on board.
2 guys of the 8 got rather green around the gills so we came back to the harbour to fish the last 2hrs of the trip.
We got a lot of salmon, and interestingly we also got a lot of Mozzies and sand soldiers in the bay, which all in all made for a good trip

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