Monday, August 26, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 27 July 2013

Was not a nice sea today, especially this morning, swells were very short and steep but did improve as the day went on.
My guests all bravely fought sea sickness, but in the end we headed back 2 hours early.
For the 6 hours that we fished we started at backline for shad and quickly had quota as they were thick and had to throw many undersize ones back.
We then went out to the reefs and I specifically avoided areas where we had sharks yesterday and we were successful with that, although I heard many guys on the radio complaining about the sharks.
We could have done a lot better today if the boat did not rock my guests out of it but we managed a good assortment of bottoms with some good Soldiers, some Slinger, we got one really nice sized Slinger, we got Rockod, Cave Bass, Lantern Fish, Sea Barbel, Stumpnose, Blacktail and Hog Fish, all in all I think about 30 fish.

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