Monday, August 26, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 18th June 2013

Was out on Tuesday for a 5hr trip with a family and their 2 sons.

Was a stunning day, conditions ideal and a light S-N current. Fishing was also good with slinger, soldier bream, copper bream, rubber lips and rockod being caught, we also landed a nice little king fish, a ramora and some triggers.

I used a sand soldier as a flapper bait (The only sand soldier we got for the day) and on the way down a large Black tip Shark took it and came flying out the water right behind the boat by the swim platform, doing a full spin and landing on the rear gunnel, luckily he went down water side and not onto the deck. A very exciting addrenalin filled moment for all of us.

Got 2 x 12hr trips out to the deep in search of some good tuna coming up soon.

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