Thursday, August 29, 2013

A good day fishing offshore Durban

We launched at 06h00 this morning with a light NE breeze, by the time I got out the harbour there was a SW blowing and it got stronger as the day progressed and then switched back to a NE wind.
Current was SN but not to strong, in the morning the sea was not nice but it did improve as the day went on.
Lots of whale activity, and the water temp averaged 20.1deg.C
Fishing was good and we started off looking for some Tuna with no luck and then we switched to bottom and got a fair amount of decent fish, with some good Rockod, Large Slinger, Englismen and Copper Bream along with some Soldier bream to fill the bad. I think 20 good bottom fish in total.
We trolled on our way back to port and managed 4 YFT to make for a superb day.


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