Thursday, May 2, 2013

Winter Tuna have arrived

We launched at 06h00, and made our way out into a nasty SW wind blowing at around 18knts, and it steadily grew stronger to about 22knts. Water temps inshore was 20.3deg.C and deeper out the best we got was 21.5deg.C. We set a spread of 9 lines and got fishing.

Water was full of life and I found a good current line were we managed 2 good sized Yellowfin Tuna, the 1st one took an Olive Bullet on the Shotgun and the second one took and Blue/White X-Rap .

I wanted to stay out deep, but Fat Girl was slapping down into the large deep swell and I decided to head back inshore to the smaller swells.

The young lady really gave all her strength to fight her Tuna on 30lb. Well done!!!!
I knew we would get Tuna today after the west blew, and this trip shows we are still the top Tuna boat in Durban.

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