Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lots of small Tuna and a large Shark

Launched at 06h00 this morning for a 5hr trip and it was cold. Brrrrr. Had to put some warm layers on. As the day progressed it got nice an warm.

Warm water well over 24deg.C, crystal clear and cobalt blue. Full of life. Lots of small Tuna and Oceanic bonitos around. Dolphins very active and all over the place.

We managed a whole bunch of Smaller Yellowfin Tuna and Oceanic Bonito’s, and also 1 Kawa-kawa which we used as a Shark bait.

Just as we had taken in our lines, whilst I was preparing our shark bait the KZN Wildlife guys popped around for a friendly visit to inspect our fishing licenses.

Then after they left what an amazing experience as I dropped our Shark bait Kawa over board, a decent size Shark took it right in front of my eyes and the game was on. 30 minutes later we released a Shark of around 70-80Kg.

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