Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kiddies Fishing

Took some kiddies out yesterday for some interesting light tackle offshore, we started out into a NE and headed home in a SW.
Water is still cold and green, under 22deg.C, but there where a few schools of Bonnies around, which gave some reel excitement.
We then stopped for to do some light tackle bottom fishing and we did Ok with the Soldier Bream, we hooked into 4 big fish and all 4 got taxed.
A school of "something with teeth" came past and all the lines went tight, one after another and then bitten off.
I decided to do some jigging for a while and got a small Yellowfin on my first drop.
Also saw a school of "Long Silver Fish" all jumping along as they swam, don't know what they were but have often seen them out in the deep but never been able to ID them.
Lots of Dolphins and Turtles around, and that large Zambezi breached about 50m away from our boat chasing after something and this got the 4 boys over excited and was the highlight for them.
At least there is some life around for a change.

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