Thursday, May 31, 2018

The last weeks Fishing

The last weeks Fishing.

Fishing Report – Durban – 27-31.05.2018

After taking some time off it is back to fishing, the last week has seen the water temperature off Durban go cold with today being 21.6deg.C. The last few trips have seen nice days but the mornings are getting cold and chilly so one has to layer up and then as the morning progresses the layers come off. In the past week we have had a reverse current and game fishing has been very quiet with no luck on the Tuna. Bonnies are out in full force and we catch a bunch of them every trip, you just can’t miss them along with some Sarda Sarda showing themselves and some nice size Garfish. Light jigging and spinning with Shimano Socorro 5000 reels paired with Trevala Rods has proved to be great sport for these species. Bottom fishing has been OK with a few nice fish coming out and some good sizes too the variety at the moment is incredible. Starting back at work with a fun day out with the crew and friends and some charters on Fat Girl and Nawty Girl.           




Saturday, May 12, 2018

A tough day

A tough day
Fishing Report – Durban – 11.05.2018
We got going at 06h00 and made our way out and started off trying to look for a Tuna. Conditions were stunning with flat seas and virtually no wind early and this picked up as the day went along. We went all the way past Umdloti and only managed 2 bonnies and then we started doing some bottom fishing up North and made our way back to Durban reef by reef. The sinkers were ice cold so the water at the bottom must be very cold. Some reefs held no fish whilst other had good showings the fish were not biting like they should and as the day went on the current was just getting faster and faster and faster and when we stopped it was over 5 knots and we had to make our way shallower as the day went on starting at 80m and ending at 40m to allow the sinkers to get to the bottom. In the end we totalled about 20 fish that were size and had to put many undersize fish back, we got a lot of variety of species as each reef has its own populations and got a really nice size copper bream. We had caught some Mackerel and I pinned these as live baits, one deep and one on the surface and they were not even touched.                

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Short Backline Trip

Short Backline Trip

Fishing Report – Durban – 05.05.2018

We had a short light tackle backline trip this morning but the dredger was busy in that area so I decided to go on the South side a little deeper. We did not find any shad or mackerel and there was a lot of those little sand soldiers around, but in between we managed a good Rockod, some nice Reds an Englishman, a Zebra and a nice Copper Bream which gave great action on the light spinning tackle. Not the usual backline fish as we had to fish elsewhere but a great day out.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Some good bottom fishing

Some good bottom fishing

Fishing Report – Durban – 28-29.04.2018

This weekend brought some cold water and we found no game fish but did see a Sailfish jump in the same area on both days. Bottom fishing was awesome and the current was mild and we caught a lot of fish both days, the bulk of the catches were Englishman, False Englishman, Slinger and Soldier Bream, but we also got some Stumpnose, Zebra, Rockod, Snapper and a few other species. We also caught several Remoras so there was probably a Shark or two around but we lost no fish to sharks.



Friday, April 27, 2018

Stunning Cruise

Such a stunning afternoon for a Harbour and Offshore sea cruise today and a fantastic time for a family to spend time together.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Last trips of 40 something

Last trips of 40 something

Fishing Report – Durban – 25.04.2018

So today marks my last fishing charter in my 40s, time flies by so fast that the roaring 40s becomes the flying 50s before one can say Bob’s your Uncle. Our last 2 trips were half-day trips starting early morning and both days had a screaming reverse current making fishing very difficult even with nice flat seas. Mornings are getting chilly now and there is dew on the cars parked outside early every morning of late and so the signs are that we are well into autumn now and that winter is coming. Water is now under 24 deg.C.

On the 1 trip we hooked up a very large Wahoo that I guess was just under 20kg but when close to the boat he did some heavy head shakes and we lost him about 10m from the boat, we also got some skipjack tuna. Today the current was also strong and we managed 4 x Yellowfin Tuna and some bottom fish.