Sunday, November 5, 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Nawty Girl Maiden Charter – Durban – 05-11-2017

Today Nawty Girl did her first charter and it ended with pleasant results.

The weather forecast showed light SW winds, but we got light NE winds getting stronger as the day progressed instead. Fishing was not easy with cold green water and overcast conditions, early this morning we got some rain. Overall the conditions were comfortable.

The fish finder was showing nothing, not even bottom fish and as it was only a 5hr trip so we could not go too far. I tried North and nothing; we went deeper over some pinnacles, ledges and wrecks and nothing, we tried around some ships and nothing. I eventually headed South of Durban and the Rapala X Rap 40s delivered us some great Yellowfin Tuna, even with a double hook surprise at the end up which made for a great days fishing. The new Tyrnos reels were also christened along with Nawty Girl.


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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nawty Girl ready for Game Fish season off Durban

Nawty Girl our second boat is complete and ready, she is in the water and on her mooring at Wilson's Wharf. We launched her on Friday.
Book your Game Fish trip now, season has started

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Getting Ready for Summer

Fat Girl is out on the slip for her annual maintenance, anti-fouling paint and safety inspections to be ready for the next season. This year Fat Girl also received a great upgrade with a nice pair of 31ft out-riggers to help catch even more fish.
She is nearly done and will be back in action soon

Monday, September 4, 2017

Offshore Fishing Report Durban 02-09-2017

Offshore Fishing Report Durban 02-09-2017
At long last we got some warmer waters with the temperature gauge showing at 23 deg.C out on the 200m.
After a short light rain we were treated to a stunning rainbow over the sea early in the morning
For a short 5hr trip it was great fun with 11 Oceanic Bonitos (Skipjack)getting hooked up providing some great entertainment.
Looks like we may get an early start to our game fish season this year and if conditions continue like this we may even see a Dorado being caught on some boat during September and I anticipate some nice Yellowfin Tuna very soon. Marlin love these Skipjack so if the food is already here.......We wait and hope
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 4 June 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 4 June 2017

Stunning weather this morning before the South Westerly came through. Fat Girl was out deep on a short 5hr trip early this morning. Water is still over 23deg.C, I was expecting it to be cooler and am also anticipating seeing the first Whales arriving at anytime. No signs of any sardine activity although I have heard that they holding deep off the Eastern Cape. We had some great action with a really nice Yellowfin Tuna today. Can anyone guess its weight?


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Monday, May 29, 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 27 May 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 27 May 2017

Saturday was cool weather and started out as a really stunning day and was stunning for most of the day with only a stiff wind that picked up later in the afternoon. Water temperatures have come down a little and are sitting a little over 23deg.C. There was a strong N-S current and although the water was not dirty it was not clear either. There was loads of Skipjack Tuna (Oceanic Bonito) around and they provided some great lighter tackle fishing fun for everyone on board; with a total of 9 landed and a few more lost. Bottom fishing was done at the end of the trip for a short period with some general bottom fish caught with nothing to write home about it was not so easy to get the lines down in the current out deeper.

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